Preparedness GEAR Ultimate Fire Kit

Preparedness GEAR Ultimate Fire Kit
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Preparedness GEAR Ultimate Fire Kit

With Preparedness GEAR's Ultimate Survival Kits, you don't need to be a diehard survivalist to use our kits. Our kits are designed for all of us normal, everyday folk who want to be prepared! Throw these kits in you car or backpacks.

Are you prepared?

Witz Waterproof Sport Case with lanyard

FireSteel magnesium bar with flint and striker

UCO stormproof matches with strikers

2)Ultimate Survival WetFire tinder

BIC lighter

Derma-Safe knife

Derma-Safe saw

Tea light candle (4 hour burn time)

Burn cream

Heavy duty foil for windbreak

LED micro light

Micro Compass

Steel wool tinder

Includes instructions and survival tips

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