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Semper Paratus

"always prepared," the motto of the United States Coast Guard

Things can and will happen. Whether it's a tornado, flood, snow, draught, volcano, earthquake, or any variety of natural disasters. Even the possibility of terrorism and potential economic collapse, all these could affect your way of life. Are you prepared? We have all your disaster preparedness and emergency preparedness gear. It's more important than ever to be prepared. Even the U.S. Government has put out press releases to have an emergency supply of food and water for your family. FEMA disaster preparedness for your family has changed in the beginning from 72 hours worth of food and water to several weeks to 1 month or more of food and water.

Rising food prices are one sign that food shortages may be ahead. Long term storage foods can be cost effective and can potentially save you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. In lean times, having stocked up on long term food storage makes common sense. In case of a food shortage, financial meltdown or any natural or man-made disasters, those with adequate food storage will weather the storm more comfortably than those who are not prepared.

Our mission is to provide all your preparedness gear for any survival situation. Emergency preparedness, disaster and crisis preparedness, along with long term storage foods. We carry all variety of emergency kits for home and auto. Build your Bug Out Bag (BOB), Go Bag, or 72 hour kit. Whether you’re preparing for a potential disaster or just going camping or hunting. Maybe you’re just trying to cut your food costs by buying food in bulk. Whatever the reason, being prepared is good common sense. All of our products are well thought out and we strive to have what you need at the best prices. Are you prepared?
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